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im vEnNy a.k.a LeE yEn` x) Turnin 18 end of tix oCt` a SimpLe GurL tat loves ChattiN, CamwHoRin, OuTin, FaShioN, sHopPin` xD hahaks. ow yEa~ cHoC n iCeee-CreaM tat 'll alwix mk mie says "BuHByE 2 eMo-nesS" <333


aNn nEe
HaU yEe
Jia sHiN
PoH yEe
sHei PenG
Shi MaN
StePhaNiE EliSe
Yi zHonG
YonG sHenG


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Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 10:21 AM
`QinG~ tataxXx. :'( imissyou

DeaR~ ur WarM HuGgieS mk mie missyou morE. :'( SoBs.. dun leavE mie. =(...

JuX a WeeK aFteR~ went kLia aGain.. i haiz tix. mk pplz TeaRs. aikx. dunO y eNd uP v juz cant ControL, *TeaRs RolLiN in EyEs* DroP OuT 2getta.. ='(

samE skweL since KinDeRGaRDeN~ bt bcum BeStie whn v r f3?! tats YeoH ShuQinG. LoLs.

went thr in da NooN~ 2 SenD mie DeaReSt QiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinGy 2 uS 4 FurtheR StuDieS`


4 oF *uS. OmiGosH da WarMeSt HuGs~!! :'(... miz eUu, QinGy. tataxXx=((

Da GurLs~

Da GuYs~

alL of uS~! GrouP PiCs b4 she LeavE`

QiiiiiiiiiinG~ alL da BeSt in uS. eNJoy n Hv FuN thr yEa~ 'lL b mizin eUu erex~!! tk GuD CarEs thr` MwaH MwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHs~!! lurves eUu BabE~ *HuGiesS n KisSeS 4 eUu* Kp uS uPDatEs bout urself orhxX ;)


Sunday, August 16, 2009 @ 6:48 AM
`Damnit. @.@

OmiGosH~!! SumthinG PatHeTiC ePaN 2 mie LeG~!! SoBs. tOt it was a MoSQuitO BitEs.. Bt iNDeeD tix mownink once i wk uP, i reaLisE tats nt. its gettin WorSe.. sum inSeCt bitEs?! o.O iTcHy iTcHy~ its damn iTcHy~ freakin iTcHy~!! OmG. tHe WoRSe ParT is i cant StRatCh it. How 2 StanD......?! :'( SoBs
mie LefT.. :(

mie RigHt.. :'(

aPpLy MeD d.. tk MeD d.. bt its stilL efFin iTcHy~!! OmGWtF laa. it really irRitatEs mie da wHoLe DaY~!! *MooDy* SoBs. i feeL sO DisGuStiN v alL tix.. *yiaskz* OmG GeLi. :'( JuZ HopE it'll HeaL s.5.s.P.. i dun 1 MarKs on mie tHiGh. ihateit. T_______T"





Saturday, August 15, 2009 @ 7:55 PM
`a DaY 4 mie SeCoNDaRy sKweL BudDieS =D

XD hahaks. mie SatisFyin SaT~ xD lolz. wHoLe DaY OutiN?! frm 1p.m-3a.m?! xOxO hahakz. LonG LooonG timE x tRy tix le. MeeT uP v mie SeCoNDaRy BudDieS ;) a DaY 4 thm` =D

1st StatioN`PyRaMiD's KiM GaRy 4 LunCh. ChiaN, zHu, Faii n wEe-

wEe n Faii~ xD hahaks. thxieEe 4 being "DriveR" fetchin uS. xD hahaks.

yEa yEa~ 5 oF uS.

2nD StatioN` MtV WorLd StaGe-Su ChiaN n mieee- xD hahaks. thxieEe 2 ChenG HoE.. he gt da TiCs 4 uS. =D hahakz.

MtV WorLd StaGe's TiCs n FaNs. :) heheks

WaT v gt frm thr. =))

StaMp ChoPs on our HanDs. ;)

ProviDeD WeT WheatheR WeaR 4 uS DuE 2 it WaS RainiN. xD hahaks. LooKs sO WeirD. lolz.

*uS v it. xD

tHe StaGe :D
yO yO~!! xD hahaks.


Aft.. MasK oN` xD

*uS v MasK~ cax of da EnViRoNMenT thr~ =/

iN tHe CrowD~ damn HoT~!! OmG. o.O

3rD StatioN` CatCh uP, KaCaU cHenG HoE. xD hahaks

cHenG HoeeeeEeeeee~!! xD 5 5 brin mie 2 WilLiaM~ i mahu mkn. xD hahaks.

4tH StatioN` MilL WheeL iCe CafE

eat iCeee v Su ChiaN~!! xD hahaks. v Chit ChaT a lots on tat DaY` =D =D hahaks. tix mk uS feeL betta. =D =D lolz.

5th StatiOn` WilLiaM~!! xD ahahaks. OmiGoD FINALLY gt 2 gO thr~!! lolz. thxieEe 2 XiN YaO n ChenG HoE. hahakz. i miz thr de "ChiC CavE" lolz. WoOHoO~

ChiC CavE~!! mie FaV. YumMy~ ;) hahaks.

XiN YaO.mie.ChiaN


WheEWeeTxXx~!! ;)

wOw.. SparkLinG LeMoNaDe. *o* lolz.

TaDaaa_____* QinG~!! da MaiN ChaRaCteR of da nitE~ she is leavin sO SooN.. MoN. =(( v r sO gonna missyou.

-wEe, WiN, QinG, HoE, yEn, Fai, ChiaN-

6tH StatiOn-QinGy's hSe. WatcH Mv+cHit ChattiN. ^.^

QinG~ imissyou. *sHuGz's____*

LasT StatioN-HomE SweeT HomE.. mie hSe~!! xD lolz. hahaks. weeeEeee~ imma hapiE v evithingy 2day` LonG timE x OuT tiL sO SonG le.. especialLy v thm ;) mie SeCoNDaRy SkweLMatEs~!! miz it. :D hahaks. da onie thingy tat irRetatEs mie is i gt "KisSeS" frm MosQuitOes~ *ItChY ItcHy* eeks.

happy.to.chat.with.you. x3


Friday, August 14, 2009 @ 8:15 AM
`OutiN oF Da DaY`

DaY-OutiN v mie DarL JenNy, SuE WerN n JaSoooN~!! =)) heheks.

HeaDeD 2 PyRaMiD, watch mv.. GosH~ its like.. sooOOoo LonG d i x SteP in2 CiNeMa?! lolz. watched "aLieNs in thE aTtiC".

OmiGosH~!! its damn CuteeeeEeeee n FuRNiE` xD hahakz.

TGI F's 4 our "LunCh" :)

nitE-DinNeR v mie DeaR QinGy at TaipaN's DaoRaE, met nEw fwEns-Li YinG n JoNatHaN. XD hahaks. thy r niceEe 2 cHat v~ lolz.

DeaR QinGy n mieee~ xD hahaks. eeks.. FinalLy v gt 2 meet uP~!! "LonG timE x C" le. =((

QinGy inTrODuCe nEw fwEns of da nitE 2 mieee-JonatHaN n Li YinG. ;) hahaks

3 GurLs. xD hahaks.

xD hahaks. thy r really niCe. =D lolz.

EnJoy mie DinNeR v thm~ *winks* hahaks. hopE 2 meet ya alL SooN. xD



Thursday, August 13, 2009 @ 5:47 AM
`i gt mie FREEDOM~!! =D

F R E E D O M~!!
FREEDOM~!! w-h-o-a~ FinalLy v gt FweEDoooOooom~!! FiNaLs is over~! xD hahaks.

HaD our IT PpR 2day. lolz. IT=InTeRNatiONaL TecHNoLoGy?! :LOL wats tat?! duNo~!! =pPpPp hahaks.

xXx: RetakE` ReSeaT` c eUu in IT cLasS nex SeM~!! *Hi5*

hahaks. tat SeNTeNCe sounds sO FaMiLiaR~!! lolz. heard tat frm almoz evi MasS CoM 1st SeM StuDenTs` LoLs. ahahakz. Although v nOe v cant dO da PpR, bt y alL mcm ntg?! sO ReLaX?! lolz. V seriuxly LOL whn heard tat. dunO y v cant dO tix SuB.. nt intrested?! dun understand wat da LeCTuReR tought?! dun gip a DamN?! lolz. OmiGosH i feeL sO sowie 2 da LeCTuReR n ParenTs. x)) da cuteSt LiM yEe calL her MaMa b4 da eXaM n says sowieeeee. xD lolz. OMG OMiGoD y r v like ntg although v wrotE sHitS on da PpR?! o.O hahaks.

welL~ LeT PiCs dO da tOkin. =D

BooOoo__* early in da mownink, DarL camE over 2 mie hSe~ ;)

NaaaH~ OuR aCt pLaN is 2 sTuDy de... lolz

bt... eNd uP.. dOin.. tix... :LOL

V to the E to the N to the N to the Y. V-E-N-N-Y

*FunGeR CrosSeD* xD hahaks. DarL n mie HanD.

DarL SugGeSt 2 wear MasK 2 ColL~ xD hahaks.
HeaDeD 2 PaPa RicH. LaSt-LunCh-GatheRiN OrGaNizeD By mEi mEii. =))
Aft LunCh, bCk 2 ColL` xD hahaks. mie v mie MasK~! xD cHeH~ wear 4while nie. :LOL x bLh thn. hahaks.
ThE LeFT-AmELia n mEii. =))

tHe RiGHt-CeLinE, LiM yEe, JenNy, vEnNy. =))
tHe LeFt n tHe RigHt~ aLL of *uS. ;) hahaks.stilL gt aN Hr 2 eNTeR da ExaM HalL. xD "Gt timE 2 cHat, nO timE 2 StuDy"?! :LOL

ByBy~!! iTs timE 2 eNTeR ExaM HalL n "sLeeP" le. lolx.

WheEWeeTxXx~!! v LefT thE eXaM HalL EaRLY~ xD hahaks. wrotE CraPs n ShiTs on it. =/

JuX a RefLeCtiOn of uS` xD heheks. eNJoy ur hLDy huh ;)

OutiN v mie BabE CeLinE aft d eXaMs~!! =D

eat iCeeeee~!! xD hahaks. biiE~!! i lurve it. lolz.

sHe says: BiiE~ 5 5 gO DyE ur HaiR laa. i x BiaSa laa. ur bLaCk HaiR GroW OuT le.. gt bit "iNnoCenT LooKs". =((
i SaYs:i nOe laa. biiE~ bt mie HaiR DaMagE le.. PaPa MaMa gonna kilL mie if i dO sO.. still nid 2 wait 4 sum timE 2 gO dO mie HaiR. i pun x likE nw de HaiR. *SoBs*

TaDaaa_______* tats alL 4 mie DaY orhxX~!! LaZ DaY of mie 1st SeM ;) lolz.

sHe v HeR NaiLs n da HeaRts 4